Behavior Plan Memorandum Written by Ms. Clement-Waterhouse and Ms. Johnson Dated January 31, 1994

January 31, 1994


TO: Frank Johnson
FROM: Carolyn Clement, Dianne Johnson
RE: January 25th meetting on Mark

Thank you so much for coming out to meet with us concermng Mark's behaivor plan. Your involvement has been very positive for us. We feel that we can discuss problems at hand and you have helped us come up with possible solutions. We've also felt comfortable with asking questions and taking feedback on how we're dealing with various behaviors. Below is an outline of the plan we've discussed so far.

We decided that:

  1. For every set of tasts Mark will "earn a treat" (M&M's). Mark will be shown his total number of chances to earn a treat at the beginning of
    each work time.
  2. If he chooses not to complete a particular set of tasks satisfactorily, he does not earn that particular treat. It is put away and the next set of tasks is introduced with the next chance to "earn a treat."
  3. In order to address Mark's hitting, kicking and pinching behaviors, We decided that if he attempts any of these, he will lose the next treat he could have earned and the person enforcing this will do so dramatically.
  4. If Mark's behavior continues after he attempts to hit, etc. and after he has lost his treat, the adults and other children in the room will bact away and ignore his behavior until he has calmed down. He will then be brought back to task.

We also agreed on a chart similar to the one attached to track behaviors. This will help us to document whether the behaviors are decreasing. Thank vou again for all your help, We will see you again on Wednesday, Feb. 2 to discuss any further ideas.

cc: Mary M. Kearney
Ed Davis
Laurie McDonald