Letters from the Hartmanns to LCPS relating to issues that the Hartmanns wanted addressed at the IEP meeting scheduled for May 31, 1994

May 15, 1994

Laurie C. McDonald Principal
Ashburn Elementary School
44062 Fincastle Drive
Ashburn, Virginia 22011

Dear Mrs. McDonald,

As we near the end of the 1993-94 school year, my husband and I request that an 'End of Year Review/IEP Meeting' be convened during the first week of June 1994 at the latest to discuss Mark's IEP for 1994-95, as well as other items as outlined below. Please advise us if it would be more appropriate to discuss any or all of the following items at a separately convened meeting. We are anxious to reach closure on as many of the items as possible so that the planning/coordination process can begin in earnest for this summer and for the 1994-95 school year.


  1. Summer Program for Mark. We would want the second grade teacher for the summer session as well as the teacher's aide for Mark to have an opportunity to discuss plans for Mark's summer program with Mrs. Johnson and with Mrs. Leader. If possible, we would want both to stop by as observers in Mrs. Johnson's classroom to get a feel for Mark and some insights as to what works with Mark and what doesn't.
  2. Planning for the 1994-95 School Year. As we have discussed during recent IEP meetings, we request that the third grade teacher who will have Mark in class next year be identified now so that he/she can interface with Mark's current teaching team·to plan an appropriate program'as guided by the IEP, and seek assistance as may be desired. Our goal, which we are sure you share with us, is to help this new teacher as much as possible to be prepared for the challenge, and to ensure that the experience is a rewarding one for all concerned.
  3. Invitation to Third Grade Teacher to Participate in IEP Meeting for 1994-95. From the perspective of parents, we judge it most beneficial to invite the nominated third grade teacher for Mark to participate in the upcoming IEP meeting for 1994-95. Furthermore, it may also be helpful for the nominated teacher and teacher's aide to be afforded in service training as appropriate to prepare for next year.
  4. Adaptive Physical Education Program. While recognizing the difficulties that you face to obtain the services of an adaptive P.E. teacher to work with Mr. Browning to provide Mark an adapted P.E. program at school, the requirement at this juncture remains unfulfilled. We request that you redouble your efforts to ensure that an adaptive P.E. teacher is made available on a regular basis as needed to first create an adaptive P.E. program for Mark, and then to update and adjust it as appropriate as goals are met. This requirement is part of Mark's current IEP.

Thank you for your cooperation in addressing the above listed items. Please feel comfortable to discuss any of the issues related to Mark personally with me or my husband at your convenience. We will also understand if you prefer making your response to this letter in writing.

We would like to take this opportunity to express to you our sincere thanks for your concerted efforts during the 1993-94 school year to make Mark's experience at Ashburn Elementary a rewarding one.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph & Roxana Hartmann


cc: Ned Waterhouse
Mary Kearny
Frank Johnson
Virginia MCCullough
Dianne Johnson
Carolyn Clement


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