Letter from LCPS Reporting The Results of the Eligibility Committee's Meeting Relating to Mark Hartmann

Loudoun County Public Schools
Douglass Support Facility
30 Sylcolin Road, SE
Leesburg, VA 22075


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hartmann
20751 LaPlume Place
Ashburn. VA 22011
RE: Mark Hartmann DOB: 8-21-85

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hartmann:

The Eligibility Committee met on Thursday, January 13. 1994 to evaluate all the records available on your son Mark. The Committee continued to find Mark eligible for special education services. It was recommended that Mark be identified as a student with autism and with a speech/language impairment. It was recommended that the IEP Committee continue Mark's current placement along with the related services of speech/language and occupational therapy. Also, it was recommended that the IEP Committee consider additional resources to address the behavioral and academic areas of Mark's program.

The Committee personnel making this recommendation and their positions are:

Mary M. Kearney Director of Special Education
Linda S. Robinson Assistant Principal
W. Oblas Assistant Principal
Catherine H. Donaldson Educational Diagnostician
John V. Panettieri School Psychologist
Frank E. Johnson Special Education Supervisor

This recommendation came after careful consideration of the following materials:

Educational: 1/7 - 1/11/94, 10/93 Loudoun County Public Schools; 5/93 - Butterfield Elementary
Medical: 1/11/94 - Family Physician
Sociological: 11/1/93 Loudoun County Public Schools
Psychological: 1/3 - 1/11/94 Loudoun County Public Schools; 5/92 Lombark Elem. District
Classroom Observation: 1/11/94 Loudoun County Public Schools
Speech/Language: 11/93 & 1/94 Loudoun County Public Schools; 5/93 Butterfield Elementary
OT: 11/93 Loudoun County Public Schools
PT: 1/94 Loudoun County Public Schools

As a parent, you have the right to review these records which are on file in the Special Education Department at Douglass Support Facility.

Enclosed is a document entitled "Parental Rights in Special Education" which explains your rights in the special education evaluation, eligibility and placement process. Please contact the Special Education office if you have any questions regarding your rights or our procedures. Also, if you have any additional questions about any aspect of the special education eligibility process, please call Mrs. Mary M. Kearney, Director of Special Education, at 771-6430.

You also have the right to appeal this decision and request another placement. If you wish to do so, you must submit your written request to Mrs. Mary M. Kearney, Director of Special Education, 30 Sycolin Road, S.E., Leesburg, Virginia 22075.

Before we can make any change in Mark's program, we must have your written consent and approval of an Individual Educational Plan. The principal of Ashburn Elementary School will call or write you to arrange a convenient conference time.

Pursuant to state regulations, you must give written consent prior to any change in identification. If the Eligibility Committee has determined that a change should be made in your child's identification and you do not agree, you must notify the Director of Special Education in writing within ten (10) administrative working days. Such change will be made without your written consent if we do not receive a letter expressing your disagreement.


Sincerely yours,

Mary M. Kearney
Director of Special Education

cc: Ashburn Elementary Speech/Language Pathologist Occupational Therapist Physical Therapist
Frank Johnson