Second Quarter Evaluation Reports Written By Ms. Johnson and Ms. Clement-Waterhouse

Loudoun County Public Schools
Narrative report card
Second quarter grading period


Mark Hartmann
Ashburn Elementary School
Teacher: Mrs. D. Johnson
Grade 2
School Year 1993-1994

A narrative report card has been set up for Mark in order to inform all those concerned about Mark's progress since his inclusion into 2nd grade.

READING - Mark continues to participate in reading group with 3 other students. This past quarter, Mark has been unable to show he is reading or comprehending many of the stories being read. He is working in a reader that is approximately on a first grade, six month level. Recently, when being asked one word answers to comprehension questions, Mark has inappropriately responded "Yes" or "No" on his Canon. This makes me believe he may not be understanding what is being read or perhaps he is not reading the stories as independently as I had hoped. He has been unable to show that he is grasping reading skills such as long and short vowel sounds and beginning consonant clusters. I have asked him to type in the vowel sound he hears or the beginning letter of a word with a sonsonant cluster. Again, he often responds Yes or No. This quarter, I am trying to encourage Mark to type vocabulary words from the book for reinforcement and vocabulary development. I will also try to encourage Mark to answer more comprehension questions with appropriate word responses.

MATH - It continues to be difficult to assess Mark's mathematical abilities. He has done some programs on the computer with a great deal of success. he is particularly successful with "Counting Critters." This is a pre-kindergarten program designed to help students count several objects. This assures me that he is able to count. I have tried to introduce other math games on the computer such as time on the hour and the half-hour. Mark gets frustrated with these programs and, therefore, I believe they are too difficult for him at this time. I hope to continue with more computer programs to help Mark develop more math skills such as place value and time and money. I would also like to see Mark practice more addition and subtraction skills this quarter.

HANDWRITING - Mark has great difficulty with his fine motor skill at this time. I am not stressing handwriting skills this quarter. At times, Mark will write on the blackboard to practice his letter and number writing. Mrs. Leader helps guide him. He seems to enjoy this activity. This quarter, Mark is writing more in putty and on paper. We will continue to work with these manipulatives to help develop Mark's fine motor skills.

SPELLING - Mark studies his spelling words weekly. He types out his spelling words on his Canon for our weekly spelling tests with great success. At times, he has typed out other words on his Canon that are spelled correctly as well. I believe he can spell many consonant-vowel-consonant words independently. Mark is also beginning to spell words that begin with consonant clusters. Hopefully, this will help develop some reading skills in this area as well.

LANGUAGE SKILLS - Mark's language skills can not be determined at this time. It is my hope, as well as Mrs. Clement's hope, that we will be able to encourage and teach Mark to use either his Canon or facilitator board to express his wants and wishes to us as the year progresses.

SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE AND HEALTH - Mark continues to work with Mrs. Leader in these subjects most of the time while the rest of the class usually work on projects or cooperative groups. This quarter I would like to try to encourage Mark to do some activities in these subject areas with a partner. As of now, he allows his partner to do the work and does not get actively involved with the project.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Mark seems to be cooperating and participating in more P.E. skills. He has particularly enjoyed playing with the parachute within the group. Next quarter, I would like to see Mark participate even more fully with the class in all P.E. activities.

MUSIC - Mark loves Music. He claps to the beat and will play instruments if given the opportunity and help. He listens to and follows directions. Even though Mark cannot sing or play instruments on his own, he appears to understand and respond to whatever concepts he is learning for the day. Mrs. Washington believes music holds many aesthetic benefits for Mark.

ART - Art is a positive experience for Mark. He participates well, although he consistently needs to play with a particular stuffed animal that Mrs. Scott has in there for decoration. He has a routine where he plays with the stuffed animal, then plays in sand or clay and then does an art activity with Mrs. Scott right with him.

SOCIAL AND WORK HABITS - Mark still shows inconsistency in his behavior throughout the day. This quarter, I have seen Mark become frustrated in many activities. As a result, he has been biting, shrieking, kicking, and crying during the day. Our main goal is to discourage Mark from displaying this type of behavior in school for fear that somebody could get seriously hurt. We continue to work as a team and have recently worked hand in hand on a weekly basis with Mr. Frank Johnson to help encourage Mark to behave in a more positive way. We are beginning to see progress in this area. However, we need to see even more improvement. He continues to be a good listener when I read a story to the class. He is sitting still and behaving in an appropriate manner. Again, I would like to thank Mrs. Hartmann for all her help and encouragement.


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