Third Quarter Grading Period Reports by Ms. Johnson, Ms. McCullough, and Ms. Clement-Waterhouse

Loudoun County Public Schools
Narrative report card
Third quarter grading period


Mark Hartmann
Ashburn Elementary School
Teacher: Mrs. D. Johnson
Grade 2
School Year 1993-1994

A narrative report card has been set up for Mark in order to inform all those concerned about Mark's progress since his inclusion into 2nd grade.

READING - Mark continues to be in a reading group with 3 other students. This past quarter. Mark has been unable to show that he is reading or comprehending many of the stories being read. Mark has become frustrated with this reading level and has had great difficulty staying on task. As a result. we have changed the reading format for Mark so that he can experience more success. He still attends the small reading group. but he has not been asked to follow along with the group. His reading skills hove been more individualized to meet his needs. Mark is introduced to vocabulary words and is asked to type the newwords on his Canon. After completing this task. Mark loses interest in the group and he doses his book to tell us he is finished. As a result. he is getting more individualized help in reading and phonics. He is being introduced to beginning phonetic sounds and has had some practice with the consonants b, d and p. At times, he is able to pick out words given orally with these beginning sounds. I hope to see more consistency with this next quarter.

MATH - It continues to be difficult to assess Mark's mathematical abilities. He has done some programs oothe computer with a great deal of success. He is particularly successful with "Counting Critters." This is a pre-kindergarten program designed to help students count several objects. In the past few weeks Mark has been working on counting objects. matching sets of numbers on a number line, and recognizing coins (nickels, dimes, pennies and quarters). He is also beginning to add number facts of sums to 5 on the computer. Mark is trying to match schedule times such as speech, art, music and P.E. to our dock on the wall to help him better understand the concept of time. I hope to continue with more computer programs to help Mark develop more math skills.

HANDWRITING - Mark has great difficulty with his fine motor skill at this time. I am not stressing handwriting skills this quarter. At times, Mark will write on the blackboard to practice his letter and number writing. Mrs. Leader helps guide him. He seems to enjoy this activity. This quarter, Mark is writing more in putty and on paper. We will continue to work with these manipulatives to help develop Mark's fine motor skills. Mark is also beginning to practice writing his last name in the classroom and with the Occupational Therapist as well.

SPELLING - Mark studies his spelling words weekly. He copy types his spelling words on his Canon for our weekly spelling tests with great success. During our weekly spelling tests, Mrs. Leader shows Mark the word I am dictating and then takes it away. With facilitation, Mark is about 70% accurate on our weekly spelling tests.

LANGUAGE SKILLS - Please see attached evaluation from Mrs. Clement.

SOCIAL STUDIES, SCIENCE AND HEALTH - Mark continues to work with Mrs. Leader in these subjects most of the time while the rest of the class usually work on projects or cooperative groups. This quarter I would like to try to encourage Mark to do some activities in these subject areas with a partner. As of now, he allows his partner to do the work and does not get actively involved with the project. As a result we have individualized these subjects to make them more meaningful to Mark and to get these more on Mark's level. Mrs. Leader encourages Mark to cut out pictures in magazines, draw, color, or create projects that go along with the second grade curriculum. For example, during our study of weather, Mark cut out a sun and clouds to create a picture about the water cycle.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Mark is able to stay on task with the class in P.E. for about 5-8 minutes. After this, he becomes frustrated. As a result Mark's program is more individualized. He works on exercises that help his fine and gross motor skills individually with Mrs. Leader. After he begins to show frustration, Mark comes back to the classroom to work on computer skills. Next quarter. I would like to see Mark try to participate even more fully with the class in all P.E. activities.

MUSIC - Mark continues to love music. He claps to the beat and will play instruments given the opportunity and help. He listens to and follows directions with prompting and encouragement.

ART - Art is a positive experience for Mark. He still continues to play with Mrs. Scott's stuffed animals. Then when Mrs. Scott is able to work with Mark one on one, he follows her directions and guidance.

SOCIAL AND WORK HABITS - Mark still shows inconsistency in his behavior throughout the day. This quarter, I continue to see Mark become frustrated in many activities. As a result, he continues to bite, shriek, kick, and cry during the day. I believe much of this behavior is the result of the academic gap between Mark, who appears to be on a pre-K level, and the rest of the class as they begin to prepare for more independent work that will be required of them in third grade. I firmly believe Mark needs to be on an individual plan that will be more his level to help him experience more success. With the help of the team, Mark has to include Mrs. McCullough, Mrs. Clement, Mrs. Leader and myself, along with the input we continue to get from Mr. Frank Johnson (sepecially in behavior management), we will continue to try to help Mark experience the best success he is able to in this environment. Next quarter, I would like to see Mark become more aware of the students around him so that peer modeling will be more successful for Mark.


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